Monday, October 31, 2011

Clash at Demonhead Nintendo Power Scans

Clash at Demonhead is know as Dengeki Big Bang! in Japan (the main character's name is Bang). Thank god they changed it for North America, but too bad they waited until 1989/1990 before releasing this gem. Clash at Demonhead was, I think, somewhat overlooked; however, Nintendo Power ensured that many people would buy this game despite the SNES hovering in the near-future.

From Issue 10, 1990, this four-page spread is short, sweet, and packed to the edges with helpful tips. You'll be conquering this game in no time.

If the name "Clash at Demonhead" sounds familiar, it might be because it's the name of Scott Pilgrim's ex-girlfriend's band (they sing an awesome Metric song, "Black Sheep," in the movie).

I've never given this game the attention it deserves, and after finally demolishing Kabuki Quantum Fighter last night--well, this game is next! It's the Mega Man metroidvania that everyone always wanted: branching paths, cool graphics, horizontal shooting, challenge, shops, money, and campy anime cutscenes.

The best part is that this game is dirt cheap everywhere, so cheap, in fact, that you've probably overlooked it in your collecting zeal. I'd like to say more about it, but to be honest I haven't played much. Hopefully after beating the game I'll have some more comments on it. In any case,



8bitcity said...

So, I'm playing this game and I peaked (just a little) at these scans, and damn are they good.

It's amazing that they managed to compact all the relevant info into such a small guide, but, really, this thing is better than a walkthrough.

Beef said...

Still a rad game, very clever for its day with a lot of items and choice. Thanks for the scans!