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Click the image to see the map of the first dungeon and an incomplete world map (from an early build of Star Quest, crazy!).

The is the Star Quest Walkthrough!

Many people have emailed with Star Quest's first dungeon. How do I beat the first dungeon? How do I solve the first dungeon in Star Quest? How can people google search for this post? Quite easily, although redundancy threatens to destroy any positive message herein conveyed.

1. Mini Walkthrough

Check the above image. Princess is being held in room with the blue dot. You need to walk around the area marked with white dots to chase away the spiders. Quarters are strewn about. Taking a KillPill after rescuing the Princess is the smart thing to do, or you can chase the spiders away by walking around the room at the bottom.

After you save Princess, go into the other door in the tree and defeat Ax Man.

Now you can explore the entire world.

In order to access Skull Castle you need to:
-Rescue the King from the Gold Castle
-Defeat the Carpenter Bee
-Rescue Lobtron from the Lava Castle
-Defeat the Computer Monster

The entrance to the Carpenter Bee Boss fight is blocked by a red soldier on the island until you rescue the King. Use the friendly robots to block the evil Fish Man from killing you. Make sure to save before entering.

Rinse, repeat with Lobtron and the Computer Monster.

Enter Skull Castle and defeat the Scientist.

Find the Library, where the end of the story is revealed in full.


You need a quarter to play a game! You can find some around the world, and even in a few arcade machines!

You will gain access to more arcade machines after you clear the Tree Dungeon. Every game has a unique item that you can earn by finding a secret room, completing a quest for an NPC, beating a skill-based game, solving a mystery, and other adventures. These items will help you during the Final Battle, and other actions throughout the game will also have an effect.

The arcades also function as gateways... clearly something strange is going on with these things. What is the arcade back alley? How does space function in such a weird way? Are the games real places?

Certain items may unlock doors in the Arcade Back Alley. Completely arcade games and progressing through the dungeons will unlock more arcades in the back alley. Not every machine unlocks an arcade.

Every time you beat a game, however,

Look for secret exits in Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

There are many, many arcades and many different machines. Some machines are very rare (like the legendary fantasy hit "Solar Adventure").

3. The Secret That Will Blow Your Mind

There is a secret door in the Spaceship Grotto... your ship contains many ancient secrets and phenomena.

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8bitcity said...

If this helps you advance, post your thoughts on the new areas and secret area in the ship... I think you'll have a lot of fun and really see what Star Quest is about.

You can also visit the Electric Company (which is also an arcade), Wizard's Tower (can you solve it?), Mountain Caves, and Tree Town as soon as you defeat Ax Man!