Saturday, January 26, 2013

Minecraft PALADINS $1000 Special Offer!

Mention this offer after logging in to the Minecraft Paladins server (info in the side bar, and check the recent posts here) and I'll give you ONE THOUSAND BUCKS in cold, hard server cash.

Who says there is no free lunch?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adventure 2600 CGI Tribute

"Oldgraphics" made this awesome Adventure 2600 CGI film. The graphics are so retro you'll be slammed into nostalgic flashbacks of Reboot and Toonami. If you like Adventure, or adventures in general, then check this shit out now!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Minecraft PALADINS commands

There are tons of commands for all the plugins on the Minecraft server. The mini-guide below should help out the new players. If you need more help just post a comment or ask an admin online.

/jobs list ---> lists the jobs and lets you pick your professions. You need some jobs to make money, which you can use to trade with players, make shops, and purchase stuff from /spawn. I recommend Miner and Builder for everyone, and you get 6 jobs in total.

/mcstats -----> see your McMMO stats
/mctop ------> see the McMMO leaderboard
/mctop ------> see the leaderboard for a specific skill
/mcrank ----> see your rankings for all skills

/ ------>  /swords for example will give you skill info on swords and show your exp, exp needed TNL, etc etc

/tpa ----> request to teleport to a player
/tpahere -----> request a player to TP to you

/sethome ---> sets a home point, you can have a few of these
/delhome ----> deletes a home point

/back   ---> returns you to the last place you were

/ms help   -----> guide to using the magic spells plugin

/spawn  ------> takes you back to Spawn City Overworld, the city offers tons of stuff: an enchanting table, curiosities to explore (double-glitched jungle temple, an empty dungeon that myself and another admin built [real version is in the Adventure world]) shops selling monster spawn eggs, Ender chests, and NPC eggs so you can start or improve an NPC village if you'd like. Also portals to all of the worlds; Adventure, Creative, War, Cityworld, etc.

-cauldrons are infinite water sources.

-to lock a chest, place a sign on the front of the chest. You can use /lockette to edit the sign and allow multiple users to access the chest.

I'm sure there's more stuff but I can't think of it at the moment. Anyway hope to see some more people online!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Minecraft PALADINS Special Offer & Screenshots

Anyone who signs on to the Minecraft server today will receive 10 free diamonds! Just mention this offer and the diamonds are yours. You could be decked-out in diamond, looking fresh, exploring strongholds in an hour.

Server IP:

A troll's hut under a Dragon Warrior-style bridge. We try to make the Adventure world as much like an RPG as possible.

This is the bug shop, one of many such locations in the Spawn City. 64 Silverfish for $1024, or 64 Spiders for $128. This shit is reasonably-priced I'm telling you! Why should admins have all the fun? Minecraft allows the spawning of monsters and we've taken this as an opportunity to pass this ability on to the player in the form of buying the eggs or "Summoning Spells" as we like to think of them ;) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Minecraft PALADINS

The new Minecraft server is up and running. It's an RPG world, so we run McMMO, jobs, gods, Magic Spells, and tons of other plugins to make the game as awesome as possible. You can check out the official page, here:

the page is straightforward, but Vellusian (server owner) has uploaded a cool video of him running around showing off a few sites in the world. It's a multiverse, with a PvP realm, Adventure/survival realm, generated City World realm, Superflat, creative world, money, and soon to have a large bimoes survival world.

You might currently play an McMMO server, and the thought of restarting may seem like a drag. Well, we knew that would happen so we run a modified exp system for it. You'll gain levels at 10-20x the exp you would on your old server. With some dedication, maxing a MC character on PALADINS is actually an accomplish-able goal, unlike the 10,000 hour grind you'll find on other servers.

There are also shops in spawn from which you can buy Spawn Eggs for very cheap. Want to summon skeletons, Townspeople, or Ender Men? Go for it. These stores are built by admins into some of the many, many NPC villages which have been found, and improved by the admins.

The rules are simple as well, don't harass others, grief, destroy needlessly, or steal. Try to keep the place looking nice. Treat generated structures like public property. No spawning Wither Bosses yet, however we will build a Wither arena if someone wants to fight one.


Connect to:

We're running Dynmap here:



RPG Town, Adventure

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rare Minecraft Alpha Screenshots

I found these two old screenshots on a blog that Minecraft developer "Jeb" used for only 6 days last year. They show off alpha builds of an NPC village (with buildings which differ from the current NPV village incarnation) and what looks to be an early Jungle Temple. Very sick indeed. Click the pictures for the HD versions.

Also, don't forget about the new Minecraft server which I am helping to OP. If you want to play a McMMO server with lots of awesome RPG-style plugins then leave a comment with some contact info or email me and ask for the server. It's a small server and not really open to the general public (i.e. not going to be posted on Planet Minecraft of GameFAQs or anything, but the 8bc community is small enough that anyone from here is okay to play).