Friday, January 18, 2013

Minecraft PALADINS

The new Minecraft server is up and running. It's an RPG world, so we run McMMO, jobs, gods, Magic Spells, and tons of other plugins to make the game as awesome as possible. You can check out the official page, here:

the page is straightforward, but Vellusian (server owner) has uploaded a cool video of him running around showing off a few sites in the world. It's a multiverse, with a PvP realm, Adventure/survival realm, generated City World realm, Superflat, creative world, money, and soon to have a large bimoes survival world.

You might currently play an McMMO server, and the thought of restarting may seem like a drag. Well, we knew that would happen so we run a modified exp system for it. You'll gain levels at 10-20x the exp you would on your old server. With some dedication, maxing a MC character on PALADINS is actually an accomplish-able goal, unlike the 10,000 hour grind you'll find on other servers.

There are also shops in spawn from which you can buy Spawn Eggs for very cheap. Want to summon skeletons, Townspeople, or Ender Men? Go for it. These stores are built by admins into some of the many, many NPC villages which have been found, and improved by the admins.

The rules are simple as well, don't harass others, grief, destroy needlessly, or steal. Try to keep the place looking nice. Treat generated structures like public property. No spawning Wither Bosses yet, however we will build a Wither arena if someone wants to fight one.


Connect to:

We're running Dynmap here:



RPG Town, Adventure


Unknown said...

can u unbann me plz i wanna play a server w/ gods my username is FoR3v3R_L3GiiT

Anonymous said...

Hai there, This Is UnknownAdventure,
And I cant connect to the server because I was banned for Grief?

Im not sure what or where I griefed but can someone fill me in?

Anonymous said...

Was was I banned for 10 days
IGN: timz6

Anonymous said...

I was banned for griefing and stealing and I didn't know it was someones house cause it was the nether.... I thought it was a nether castle and I'm sorry. I'm jmilner143 please un-ban me. ): I'm working really hard on my hotel.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey there, if anyone is reading this with staff powers mind unbanning me? Username is Ironheart2 for some reason i was ban for griefing? i was playing a month or so ago and havnt been on since because of personal stuff but i never griefed anyone or anything. thanks in advance for the kind soul that helps me :) again my Username is Ironheart2

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