Wednesday, March 3, 2010


COMPUTER is an ANSII ZZT game. You are the INTRUDER.EXE and your mission is to hack through a giant bio-computer. You begin your quest in the system's BIOS, and you break through the system defenses and disable the Motherboard and CPU. Prepare for surreal computer-themed action adventure!

ZZT is a 1991 game designed by by Tim Sweeney. However, the game also comes with a built-in game creation engine, allowing users the ability to make games and quests easily. COMPUTER represents my first attempt at a ZZT game, but I hope that people enjoy it.

If you already have ZZT on your computer, then you can simply download the .ZZT file.

Otherwise, I have created a ZZT package, which you can download here. This .zip includes all the usual ZZT release, plus my game, computer.zzt. Make sure you select COMPUTER, under worlds, to play the game. After you're done, enjoy the other classic original ZZT adventures!


WoV said...

Sweet! I'll be downloading shortly!

Anonymous said...

Just beat it. overall it was really fun, the ending areas were especially cool. I beat the game on my first try in about 30 minutes. I love ZZT, and I've played tons of ZZT maps over the years. ZZT really died around 2004, but still game like this continue to be posted. I thank you!


Anonymous said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

Anonymous said...

hey not bad, but there are some impressive zzt worlds out there. use less built in enemies next time, or none at all.


Anonymous said...

Can't beat it, but's it's fun and retro. I have always enjoyed playing games like this and Kingdom of Kroz. We didn't have too many games, but the free ones were always welcome.