Sunday, February 28, 2010


No doubt a Mega Man 10 rom has already leaked its way on to the Internet, but perhaps not. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the release of Mega Man 10 tomorrow. Well, actually I'm not really waiting I'm just blogging. Right now it is Sunday night. I wanted to post about the game soon after release, so I started the entry early in order to save myself time in the morning.

Mega Man 9 generated a lot of traffic on 8-Bit City, and no doubt a few of you readers first discovered this place while searching for that game. That's the reason I started this post with an anecdote about the Mega Man 10 rom download. To generate hits on google. Don't be cynical, it's very exciting.

Because let's be honest, we all know that Mega Man 10 is going to be a fun game. It will also be a cheap game. I can only imagine that young readers would be experiencing Mega Man for the first time, although many people might not be aware of its release. The Mega Man series has always been a favorite of mine, and with full faith I can say that Mega Man 10 is a good game. If, by chance, Mega Man 10 is terrible, I can always edit this post tomorrow night.

Besides, Capcom has already released the bosses, some stages, the weapons, etc. etc. What's left to review? Should we go through the motions of describing things? Of pretending to care? Maybe if I waited until the game was released to review it, then there would be actual content in the review. You might be expecting nothing at this points, and that's the conclusion I've come to as well, which only proves that we are so far on the same page and can move on to the conclusion.

In the world of Internet journalism, hits represent something more important than money; they represent the power of your information. I've looked into the future to write this review! So what if I didn't play the game, I declare it almost perfect. Intelligent, inspiring, and shining slightly less brightly than Mega Man 9. Is this description not accurate? Is it not accurate enough? Nothing could top the excitement of MM9, because it pioneered the 8- and 16-Bit re-release chains of the last two years. The review is logical and accurate!


dominic said...

Best MM10 review I've read so far.

Blake said...

I have yet to finish 9. Just so many games coming out and no time to play them.

8bitcity said...

Bass confirmed for download. Also Endless attack. Both are being released in April. Will report. This post generated a ton of hits, as predicted.

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