Thursday, January 20, 2011


After two years of development, Star Quest is finally finished! You play an unnamed Spaceman who suffered memory loss during a 5,000,000 space journey to a strange planet. Explore the world, meet unforgettable characters, bask in the 4-Bit, sweet-as-hell graphics, and tap your foot to the rad midi music.

The story so far...

An astronaut travels space for millions of years,
Forgetting the past for the sake of his journey.

The Starship Computer lands on a strange planet,
The Computer says the Star is here,

The Star Quest has begun!

You'll explore dungeons, Castles, and dozens of stunning, original areas. There are over 70 maps to explore and 10 arcade games to master. Once you've beat the game, play through again with all of your unlocked characters and items. You can always start another New Game + at any time after beating the game for the first time!

-Amazing Retro Graphics
-Inspiring philosophical storyline
-New Game + Mode
-10 Original Arcade Machines
-16 Unlockable secret characters
-Tons of hidden areas and secrets

Star Quest is like the RPGs you've played before, but in many ways it's unlike most other games.


The download includes:

Starquest.exe (The Game)
Starquest.rpg (The Game Data)
ReadMe.txt (More important info)
An Official Star Quest Poster
License and other .dll files needed to run the game.



Arrow Keys - Walk around
Space - Talk/Interact/Attack (you must let go of the arrow keys!)
ESC - In-Game Menu

Check out these screenshots:


Anonymous said...

sweet, downloading now!

Anonymous said...

I finally got the key and beat the first dungeon. Nice game so far, great job!

Matthew St. Cyr said...

Awesome! I'm downloading now!

Anonymous said...

Mah keyz!

8bitcity said...

There is a guide for this now, check the sidebar on the main page if you get stuck. Contains spoilers!

X_Legend said...

There haven't been any comments in a while, I hope someone is checking this...

I finally downloaded your game last night, and it's totally sweet.

Advice to all players: SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE ENTERING DUNGEONS OR BOSS ROOMS. I made this sorry mistake and lost two dungeons worth of gameplaying.

I used the guide for the tree dungeon, and FINALLY finished the Gold Castle. Now the world is mine to explore. Again, awesome game and thanks for making it free!

8bitcity said...

Thanks! And, yes... saving = good :D

Anonymous said...

I first played Star Quest when it was new and it inspired me quite a bit. I've recently completed an OHRRPGCE game called Ramble Planet that I made as sort of my own version of Star Quest. There is even a Star Quest easter egg early in the game.

You can view screenshots and download Ramble Planet here. I hope you'll give it a try. Maybe it will make you think about Star Quest 2.

-Willy Elektrix

Willy Elektrix said...

Hey 8bit:

I don't know if you gave Ramble Planet a try. If not, it has now been ported to Android. You can get it for free from the Google Play Store. Hopefully you'll give it chance. Star Quest was a big inspiration, so I'd appreciate your feedback!

-Willy Elektrix

Adam Schule said...

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