Thursday, January 13, 2011

Visit a Cold War Era Soviet Arcade

I read a great story at Anjel Van Slyke and Connal Hughes's blog, A Dangerous Business: The Museum of Soviet Video Games.It details their trip to an underground Russian arcade filled with strange games from the Cold War Era. Obviously, Russia had a hard time importing American arcade machines in the early '80s. You'll see strange arcade machines similar, but oddly different from the rest of the world.

They do commendable job of conveying the excitement and intensity of this opportunity. Slkye and Hughes write:
The air was filled with the sounds of games and it was exactly like walking into any bustling arcade. It made the whole experience even more fun as people weren’t visiting the museum with some sort of ironic detachment or casually looking around – everyone was there playing games and having a blast.

It's a fascinating story, and I recommend you read it at A Dangerous Business. They include over two dozen photos of arcade machines you'll never see in the Western Hemisphere.

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