Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pixel Art: WWII Airplanes

Inspired by 1942, I made a bunch of airplanes. Most of these are based off of real-life WWII aircraft, but obviously some are not, and others are invented. Typically for my style, I keep the colors at a minimum, sometimes relying only on silhouette. This gives the sprites more of a 4-Bit feel, which is the real challenge: not only making realistic airplanes, but finding a balance between primitive and recognizable. Simplfy too much, and the pixels don't look like airplanes.

Also, I made a battle with the sprites to show what a game created for modern hardward, but using these graphics might look like.

Let me know if you like them! You can use the sprites in your own game, provided that your game is 100% Freeware! Just let me know!


Shadylane said...

Thanks, gonna use them for a Javascript project!

Anonymous said...

oh man, I can't tell you how perfect these are. Will include in my free WP7 game.

You are a true legend