Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ms. Pac-Man High Scores

7 months since the last post, and no better way to celebrate than with a youtube video! 2010 got a little hectic there, but hopefully things will return to normal on 8bitcity. I'll be posting everyday this week to start the year off right, so check back!

I've been playing Ms. Pac-Man lately after growing bored with the original Pac-Man; the multiple mazes, speed hack version, lack of patterns, and bouncing fruit make it quite the superior game.

What's with the Pacmania you ask? Some games get boring, some don't. The arcade classics are of course the most resilient.


Benjamin Fennell said...

Welcome back! Pac-Man's timeless.

8bitcity said...

Yes it is! They should make a Pac-Man adventure game with 8-Bit graphics but make it an RPG. That's what Skeletronic was going to be, but the game engine couldn't support the awesome.