Wednesday, February 9, 2011


UPDATE: Beta 3.0 is out! Enjoy some new areas/features.

Download Mutant Warzone Beta 3.0

A Zombie Apocalypse Simulation
Rendered in 8-Bit, ANSII, and Megazeux ANSII
Official HTML Readme
Beta 3.0

Version 3.0 Changelog
-Added Dungeon: "HELL" (accessible via the cathedral in the upper-right, requires red key)
-Game balance issues
-Fixed stairs bug
-Fixed title screen
-Death now sends the player back to the beginning
-Increased Health to 200 per heart (up from 10) in player base
-Removed alternate stairs to the sewers, they are now only located by the hospital
-Added entrance to player base

Version 2.0 Changelog
-Bombs now set the ground on fire
-Added Dungeon: "SEWERS" (multiple entrances)
-Added Dungeon: "HOSPITAL" (Key found in Sewers)
-More low-stregnth bombs
-New enemy: "Mutant Beetle"
-Added about 1,000 zombies to the City

Getting Started
Run megazeux.exe, and select MUTANT.mzx. You have loaded the game!

CTRL+ALT+ENTER to switch to fullscreen.

Hit "P" to start playing!

Access the super-secret speed setting by hitting F2. This option is so fucking secret that I didn't even know the game included it (it's built into Megazeux)!

Story and Gameplay
You are the last survivor of a mutant/zombie outbreak in the City.
The 1,000s of inhabitants are now hell-bent on ripping out your
spine and eating your brains. Armed with a trusty machine gun,
explore the city to find more supplies, achieve a high score,
and, ultimately, clear the infestation completely.

Enter: Menu/Status

P: Play the Game at the title screen
F2: Settings
F3: Save
F4: Load
F9: Quicksave
F10: Quickload

F5/INS: Toggle Bomb Type
Arrow Keys: Move Around
Space + Direction: Shoot Machine Gun
Delete: Bomb

AMMO: Needed to survive, comes in different quantities.
LIFE: Restores health! Also needed to survive.
Gems and Coins: Score some extra points.
Bombs: There exists both strong and weak vaireties.
Keys: Match the color to the lock!
Atoms: Atomic Energy gives you an extra life!

Zombies and Mutants
Most mutants will chase after you, but some lurk quietly in the shadows.

About and Contact
Mutant Warzone was originally developed in 2 days using Megazeux.



Matthew St. Cyr said...

Oh hell yeah! I don't know what it is about firing up an old school game like this....there's just something about those old ASCII graphics....makes me feel like I'm back sitting in front of my 286!
Mutant Warzone gets two thumbs way the hell up! I've only been able to play for about ten minutes or so and when I get to spend a little more time with it, I'm gonna put up a review on WOV!
Outstanding! I love it!

8bitcity said...

Exactly! The hours I spent in front of an NES were NOTHING compared to the my time with my old 286. Sadly, It died around 2000.

ZZT, Kingdom of Kroz, Moraff's World, Rogue, Pharoah's Tomb, Monuments of Mars, Artic Adventure, GORILLA.BAS and NIBBLES.BAS were some damn fine examples of video games growing up. NES 8-Bit tends to be over-emphasized in the retro community. I enjoy the PC throwbacks, like Mutant Warzone and other roguelikes.

Glad you like the game, I'm working on a slightly updated version that has two sub-levels to explore as well....

samiorigami said...

zomg... it's awesome!

So intense! I was freaking out

Matthew St. Cyr said...

This is exactly the type of game that you'd find on those random CD-ROMS in the bargain bin that had like 500 games on it! I had a few of those discs and they were awesome! Some of my favorite games were on them! Monuments of Mars was one of my favorites!

8bitcity said...

Thanks you guys! I'm really glad other people are having as much of a blast playing this game as I am.

The download link was down for a little while, but Beta 3.0 is up and ready for download now!

mrjordak said...

Just wait until there's music to accompany it, then it'll be SUPER AWESOME! XD

8bitcity said...

mrjordak is composing the soundtrack for the game. It's going to be some awesome chiptune songs. They go amazingly well with the game!

Matthew St. Cyr said...

Sweet! I'm downloading Beta 3.0 now!

8bitcity said...

I can't wait to read your review!

Sami: I'm freaking out!

X_Legend said...

I loved Kingdom of Kroz. This game follows proudly in that tradition. Have you played the sequels? I forgot their names, but I remember the second one being the most fun.

We had a shoebox full of floppies with games on them. Friends would give us copies, or we'd buy them at the checkout line in the store.

I always wanted to make an old computer game, maybe I'll give Megazeux or ZZT a try and see what I can do. I'm fighting Zombies now, but later I'll start learning about these systems.

There is an old 486 in the other room (with all my old games), perhaps I should see if Mutant Warzone will run on it!

mrjordak said...

I have uploaded two songs from the soundtrack. I feel myself that the first one isn't brilliant, but 8bitcity didn't complain, so here you go:


Also, go on my blog and comment about it there if you like:

Anonymous said...

i cant kill the last 5-6 zombies, no door in to room

8bitcity said...

You've done the best you can! Haha, don't stress, consider this very demolished.

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So intense! I was freaking out

Anonymous said...

I found a wee glitch... there's a room with 10 or so zombies, some bombs and a coin. There is no door, no way to kill the zombies. I presume killing all of them is how one wins, yes? Anyway, neat game, I have 49k points and like 27 lives - but I can't kill the last few!



Unknown said...

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