Monday, February 7, 2011

Realistic Zombie Apocalypse ANSII Shooter


The working title is "Mutant Apocalypse" but that could change. I'm developing this with Megazeux, after I discovered it was possible. Megazeux is an incredibly powerful ANSII game creation engine, but I have complete control over the characters.

Anyway, right now the hero can run around part of a city. The city and buildings' floor plans are realistic, and there are literally thousands of zombie/mutants to destroy.

You have regular machine-gun ammo, and 2 kinds of bombs. You start with some lives and can collect more. Ammo is everywhere, but the giant caches are well-guarded. You might be able to grab 2000 rounds easily enough, but you'll need to use that strategically to gain the 10,000 you'll need. You can collect gems and coins for extra points.

Features finished:

50% of the City, including:
-dozens of buildings (apartment complexes, a giant shopping mall, alleys, etc)
-hives of zombies waiting to attack
-mobs of mutants set on search and destroy
-tons of powerups
-intense difficulty
-decent level of realism
-keys which lock certain areas (including the shopping mall, a zombie movie staple)


mrjordak said...

Hey, this looks pretty cool. I don't know if you're planning to release this on the web when you're finished or just keep it for personal use, but I create video game music (8-bit and MIDI) and would love to get some ideas going for this. If you've already got music for it, or someone else is writing music for it, or any other reason then don't worry about it :)

If you interested then gimme an email: or

8bitcity said...

Of course I'm planning on releasing it, and soon!

Music would be awesome, I assume Megazeux supports midis. But what kind of music? Don't get me wrong: I would love music for this game. But, since it's just one map it would play over and over ad infinitum, which could be a problem.

I'll send you an email and we can talk about it. Thanks! Do you have a website for your music?

SiedzÄ…cy Bizon said...

I'm running a blog about 8-bit games. Are you interested in link exchange?

mrjordak said...

I create a variety of music, and I've uploaded some songs to YouTube:

I've not got any really scary songs that would fit your game on my YouTube page, but I have literally hundreds of songs stored on my computer, and I'm always thinking up new ideas.

Let me know what you think about those songs, and hopefully I'll hear from you soon :)

mrjordak said...

I forgot to mention, I have no actual MIDI's uploaded to YouTube, they are all full audio quality. I prefer to make MIDI and 8-bit songs though, and will happily send some to you via email. Just tell me what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do.