Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mega Man 2 Helmetless Rom

Who needs a goddamn helmet to fuck Wily's shit up? Mega Man's hair is longer than his 9/10 sprites, because I thought it looked cooler. This is a great improvement over the previous version. Certain awkward frames of animation have been corrected, and Mega Man flows very smoothly. I also edited the title screen to say Mega Man II: Helmetless, and the dates to 2010-2011. Download the Mega Man 2 Helmetless Rom. I used Tile Layer Pro, a great utility for NES graphics hacking.

This project started a few year ago when I hacked Mega Man 2 so that I could play as Helmetless Mega Man. I intended to hex edit the rom to make Mega Man take double damage, but decided that was unnecessary. I posted some preliminary videos on youtube, to mixed responses. I'll admit that the sprite looked awkward back then, and was even glitched on one frame of animation, but now this mod works 100% perfectly.

Enjoy! I'll do some more videos of the new version...

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