Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pixel Art: RPG Sprites

I wanted to make all the sprites one would need for an RPG. A Template that could be used in different ways because it had enough RPG variety to get the job done. For example, the top row could be your party members (Fighter, Healer, Elf, Wizard); the second row are the town NPCs (which of course can doubled as an important townsperson with a palette-swap); The third row provides some bad guys; and the forth row can be used for important NPCs (the Green Guy at the bottom I imagine as the "doppelganger" or "rival" to the main fighter sprite), generic soldier-type NPCs.

Or, the shepherd at the bottom could be the party healer and the priest could just be an NPC. Or the priest could be the Final Boss and he uses 2 types of goons (the shady-looking dudes). Alternatively, the Machine-Gun Man could be the Final Boss, and he only has 1 type of goon... the possibilities are endless.

Also, I use an artificial limitation of only 2 colors + transparency. This pushes the limits of the Atari (or similar computer), and I like working in it more 8-Bit (3 colors + transparency). Click 'em for the big version.


Al said...

I love the elf with the great ears!

8bitcity said...

Thanks! I think I'm going to use these guys to make some more banners, and maybe even a short game :D

mrjordak said...

and maybe even a short game :D

Dibs on soundtrack :D

Unknown said...