Thursday, May 15, 2014

Need 4 Speed World

Need for Speed World Online is a racing MMORPG. Sounds crazy, I know. It's also a Freemium (pay 2 win) game so it has to suck, right? Well I've played a few races and it seems pretty fucking fun to me. Don't worry about the pay 2 win stuff, I'm going into this game with the intention of never ever spending a cent. However, if it's fun I'll look more closely at the Need for Speed games in the future.

I'm gonna stream it for a while on Twitch if you want to check it out, hey maybe you'll even download it.

If this falls through, I'm going to go back to GTA4 tonight; I only have like 4 missions left in the main storyline.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grand Theft Auto 4 Stream

Last week I beat Vice City and GTA3 broadcasted on Twitch. Now I'm playing Grand Theft Auto 4, so come check it out.

I'm not even going to get into Grand Theft Auto V right now. If it were on PC, I'd be playing it. 

Doesn't matter, 4 is still a great game and one of my favorites. Great driving, regardless of what people say. The cars have many more hitpoints, and the gun shooting is better than even San Andreas. Not a huge fan of the cover system, but it's useful at times. Doesn't really fit my reckless, yolo style.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cool Ninja Girl

A drawing of a cool ninja girl.


Gangsters are splattered across a disco floor, the DJ is bumping to the limit, and you've just knifed 3 fucks in the face. You're playing Hotline Miami.

Normally in a review, I'd talk about all the different aspects of the bla bla bla, but holy shit this game is awesome. You can see the neon screenshots in this post, but you can't see the colors fade in and out of every color of the rainbow and a few that are too beautiful to even describe in words but that will surely bring tears of joy to your ugly face.

If this game is making me hostile, then "fuck you" who cares. Pa-pow! You'll go crazy too because of how crazy awesome this shit is.

I saw someone playing this game on twitch yesterday. Immediately I downloaded it from, but I could have got it on Steam. If it ever goes on sale on Steam I'll buy it there too just for the Steam achievements and to show everyone that I'm playing 400 additional hours of it.

It's $9.99 on any platform, and well worth every penny. Actually, if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber, you might already have free access to it. I know a friend of mine does, and when I'm done with this "review" I'm going to send him belligerent text messages about it. Not that it's very usful information, but it is perhaps interesting: the game was developed with Game Maker and the Phyre Engine, tools that are pretty easy to get your hands on. Game Maker is only 50 bucks, and you could publish a Steam game with it.

The world of indie video games has obviously entered a Renaissance. Hotline Miami and the masterpieces of our era, but it all started with Cave Story.

But fuck Cave Story we are talking about slaughtering Russian gangsters in 1989 Miami, and it's never been as cool. In terms of storytelling, most gamers will tell you they don't understand it. Well fuck those people, use your brain and it's not hard. Obviously there is a little room for interpretation, but the sequel (Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number) should shed even more light on the drug-fueled adventures of the dude in the Jacket.

Hotline Miami owes a lot to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and that's a good thing. I've seen a lot of GTA-bashing surrounding this game, but that's all horse shit. Maybe GTA stories are too serious, but Vice City wasn't fucking serious at all. It was just scarface, the wackier, cooler video game.

Hotline Miami is more like a David Cronenberg film than a Brian DePalma; it's dark, it's smart, it's a mindfuck and roller coaster ride. You can't afford not to play Hotline Miami.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I beat Vice City this morning (after 11 years) but did I slow down? Hell no, I loaded up Grand Theft Auto 3 in glorious 1440x900 resolution and spread out my Playstation 2 maps. This was the third game I bought for my PS2, and to be able to play it in HD with a mouse is amazing.

You know the drill; I'm streaming GTA3 tonight and if you want to check it out come to

Twitch is awesome. You are awesome.

Commando Artwork

A 3-color commando. The unedited original is at the bottom.

I've been doing all my computer artwork in Paint, but I think it is time I downloaded Gimp. That's on my to-do list this week, as well as more drawings. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Atari Image Gallery

Pitfall, Galaxian, Asteroids, and Breakout. Nothing beats turning off all the lights and playing a few hours of Atari. I'm glad I stopped to make this post because I just remembered I have a USB Atari joystick for exactly this occasion. 

Also this post is an Atari Image Gallery. Some of these are screenshots I took, and others are just artworks I've collected from the web.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stream

Vice City is still the best Grand Theft Auto, 12 years later. Nothing against the other entries, but they bottled lightning by combining the brilliancy of GTA3 with the 1980s, which are just more fun in general.

That's enough bullshit, come push it to the limit in Vice City.