Monday, May 30, 2011

Fight Town

Fight Town is an homage/parody of the Beat-'Em-Up genre. A slick businessman, Carl Moneymaker, is running Fight Town into the ground.

Only USA Joe has the skills to run away from the bad guys and diffuse the Hydrogen Bomb at the heart of the city.


-7 City Streets and 1 Massive Downtown (8 Stages Total!)
-Mind-Bending Puzzles
-Off-beat humor
-The ability to get shanked
-A pointless, but cool, "Cool" meter
-8-Bit Graphics
-Engrossing storyline
-Save Feature
-Diverse city with lots of inhabitants
-Catchy Tunes
-1 Hour of Gameplay

Download Fight Town Beta 1.0

Leave some feedback in the comments section! Don't take this game too seriously!


X_Legend said...

This dialog is quite shocking! Stuck on level 6, but pretty fun so far!

*hums Sweet Dreams*

Crazygonuts said...

Very cool game! The Mayor is.... (well i'm not gonna spoil it)

Jkflipflop said...

The Mayor is a bastard

Jkflipflop said...

But, yea, very cool game indeed, thanks!

Sengoku88 said...

love the music

Adam Schule said...

Good game and cool sounds. scary games online