Monday, March 22, 2010

Cave Story Wii Launch Party

Today is finally the day. We've been "covering" Cave Story since November 16, 2008, and now, finally, one can purchase it online.

In case you aren't familiar with Cave Story, you can check out my review of the free PC version.

The Wii version costs 1200 points. Some people think this is too much, however, remember a few things:

1. Nintendo decides the price of all WiiWare software.
2. The game includes all of the "DLC," so you won't have to shell out any more cash.
3. The game includes updated audiovisuals.

The download should be available around 11:00 a.m. Central time. Without launching into another meta-review, this is all the info I have.

Anyone else downloading the game?


Josepzin said...

Woww! At last, i love this game

Matthew St. Cyr said...

I'll be downloading this game.....never heard of the game before reading about it on 8bit, but it looks great!

Josepzin said...

Cave Story is a really really really really really really really really REALLY good game :)

Benjamin Fennell said...

I hadn't realized they'd included all the DLC. All the better that I just put aside 1300 points for it last night after snagging Mega Man 10 at last as well. Really looking forward to downloading it in literally just a minute now. I got to the very end of the original PC release, and couldn't beat the last bosses - always wanted to play it with a controller like the Wii's NES-style, so this should be amazing.

Del_Duio said...

I've heard a lot of people say it has graphical glitches in places and that the original music is all kinds of messed up (doesn't loop right, different songs are different volumes, etc). The new songs are sometimes missing drums and / or bass, which were originally included in the tracks but were deleted for some reason without the composer's say so.

Something fishy's going on!

James Dziezynski said...

Neat, I'll have to grab the freeware PC version.

8bitcity said...

Yea, after all that time, I decided not to download this game. I'll stick to the freeware version.