Monday, March 22, 2010

Mega Man 10 DLC

Bass and 1 Special Stage will become available for download on April 5. Endless Level and 2 Special Stages will be available April 26.

Click here to read the details on the DLC.

But what's really interesting is that the screenshot show new weapons being used by Mega Man--in normal mode (at least there are no timers). How will these stages be implemented? What about these 3 weapons?

Luckily, hackers found the weapons, but implementation is sketchy at best. The weapons are the Mirror B., S. Crusher, and B. Cracker. Here is a video demonstrating the weapons.

After searching through youtube videos and forum posts, I can confirm a few more things about the DLC. Bass fuses with Treble, and can fly around and fire 3-shot bursts like the Magma Bazooka. You can buy shock guards with Bass, and Treble adapters to act like Eddie and Beat. Reggae runs his shop.

Endless Mode continues to be shrouded in mystery.


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I wont lie, you got me excited about Megaman again!

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Is that a fanart picture of Bass, or official?