Monday, October 6, 2008

Quick Update: Mega Man 9 DLC

Last night I wrote a review(ish) of Mega Man 9, you should read it below, but the first part of the DLC launched today, and in case anyone was curious, I thought I'd review it.

First of all: go buy the Endless Level, for 3 dollars it's the best deal video games have ever seen. There are an unspecified number of pre-set stages, some of them remakes from Mega Man 1 and 2, some original. Every 30 screens (about the length of a regular stage) you fight a boss. It's truly amazing to behold. Every time you play, the level will be different. There are reports of stages altering the enemies slightly as well. I've seen remakes of Heat Man's stage, Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man 1), Bubble Man's stage, and Stone Man, among others. Eventually a comprehensive list will be compiled, and I suspect that there will be around 200 unique stages... more platforming than you'll find in the 12 standard levels of Mega Man 9.

Second we have Proto Man, for 2 dollars. He can charge his attack, slide, and deflect bullets while jumping. His downsides include: taking double damage, getting knocked back twice as far (FUCK!), and only having two shots (as opposed to Mega Man's 3) on the screen at the same time. Additionally, he can't unlock challenges, do time trials, or play the Endless Level. He's fun to play as, but he feels disjointed and awkward. I think the double knock-back is a bit much, considering he takes double damage. Also, one has to question why he can't pull out his shield while standing? Still, nothing says style like Proto Man, so skip on those 2 double cheeseburgers and download this guy!


Benjamin Fennell said...

After my download spree the other night, sadly, I've only got 100 points left, and I'm not sure when I'll really be able to pick up more, so I'm gonna have to pass on Endless and Proto Man for now (And I haven't even snagged FFCC on WiiWare yet, the DLC for that's going to kill me. I'd really like to get the $8 race pack when I snag the game.), but I think I'm gonna drop those points on the extra 100 point stage when it hits.

8bitcity said...

Yea, i'd highly recommend getting the Endless Level before FF:CC, it has more "game" in it than regular story mode. I played another run last night, go to screen 70 and fell on some damn spikes... as always.

Anyway, the preset levels are all extremely well designed.

I've abandoned all hope of playing FF:CC:MLAAK because of its obnoxious DLC (45+ dollars)... no thanks. But I understand your pain, I haven't been able to pick up Bomberman Blast, mainly because I don't feel like adding any more wii points and I still have 300 dollars left: just the right amount to pick up the next batch of Mega Man DLC.

Colin said...

I saved 5 dollars on my PS3 just for these 2 things. I can't wait to play the endless level. FUCK YOU SONY for updating on thursdays instead of monday. shit. anyway, i actually just finished playing MGS4, quite possibly the best game i've played in years. i'm working on a review of it right now, so maybe you could post it on your site when i'm finished?

Franklin said...

Mega Man 9 is awesome, but I think I might pass on the Proto Man DLC. Endless Level does sound neat thgouh.

By the way, Benjamin and 8bitcity, do you guys also have PS3s and Xbox 360s? Like Colin said, MGS4 is certainly one of the best games to come out this generation so far... if you don't have one yet, you should take a look at this Stacker 2 contest going on right now where you can win the system of your choice simply by designing a 6 Hour Power t-shirt. It ends tomorrow, and there are less than 425 entrants as of now. For contest details, go here:

By the way, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, 8bitcity. I work with 6 Hour Power so if you have any questions about the contest or 6 Hour Power just let me know. Be sure to tell me if you enter too, and I'll definitely vote for your designs. Good luck.

Franklin Keane

Benjamin Fennell said...

Only got a Wii, myself. Planning on getting a 360 eventually, but I've never been an MGS fan, so I'm not particularly interested in MGS4, to be honest. My Kojima tastes have always bent more towards Snatcher and the ZOE and Bokura no Taiyou series. (Though I've still yet to pick up beyond the first Boktai.) I'm just looking forward to seeing what Kojima does on the Wii whenever he gets into focusing on a project on that. I'm sure he'll do interesting things on the platform. It may be another year or two yet before I pick up a 360 anyway, the Wii's got me more than occupied with its current releases and future lineup, and finances are usually pretty tight on my end, not having a consistent flow of income at the moment.

Benjamin Fennell said...

Definitely wanting Bomberman Blast though too, we'll have to play online sometime.

Franklin said...

Yeah, these next-gen consoles are pretty pricey hardware! Benjamin, if you want to try winning a 360, let me know if you enter that contest. I believe they're accepting entrants until 11 p.m. tonight so you still have time to put in an entry. If you do, let me know and I'll help your chances by voting for your design. Just let me know. Happy gaming.

Franklin Keane

Benjamin Fennell said...

Unfortunately, I never got around to entering the contest. Visual design's never been my forte, though I've taken a few art classes here and there in my time - I'm better with words and general design ideas (Whether visual, game, literary, etc.), but pretty much stuck being a patron of the visual arts. I appreciate the offer for help there, though.

Franklin said...

No problem, Benjamin. Have a great day.

Franklin Keane

Anonymous said...

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