Monday, October 13, 2008

The Legend of Video Games

I was driving home, thinking about something Miyamoto said about Zelda. He said that his goal was to create a garden that people could keep in their dresser drawer. That resonated, because I saw Zelda from a different perspective, and it applied very well.

There are trees in the game, to be sure, but most of the local fauna are perfectly trimmed shrubs. The rocks are all neatly aligned. The lakes and rivers have been squared off... obviously because the programmers made it so. But is that no less a garden? It has all of the characteristics, except it is a digital construction.

Part of the world's interest in video games stems from the digital nature of video games. The ability to completely define rules to a smaller universe. It is life simulation in some cases, but in others it is purely abstract. They are the natural evolution from games played outside, or games played on a wooden board. The contradiction is understanding video games, and really understanding why they interest us so much. Some of the gaming universes are bigger than others, and it's weird to think that all of the place exist, in so many different consoles and computers, at different times.

This train of though has been completely derailed. I played Mega Man: Powered Up tonight (after dying on Proto Man's castle in Mega Man 5, what the fuck is up with the first boss, his strategy is to literally stand on top of you, and he moves about as fast, if not faster, than Mega Man) and it was pretty amazing. Along with Crisis Core, Dracula X, Valkyrie Profile, Lumines, Ghost and Goblins, Gradius... why don't I have a PSP? I'll always love climbing Elecman's tower and kicking his ass. One of the hardest stages in Mega Man, but oh so satisfying. Waltzing up this crazy Electric Wizard's tower and exploding him, and the best part is the music. But I didn't realize that MM:PU has two games, the original, and a remix. The remixed Elecman's stage was a mild letdown. To much horizontal, not enough vertical. I beat Elecman with the buster, and thus spared his life.

I noticed you could then fight Mega Man if you stared an Elecman game, but I didn't get a chance to see who the real boss was (the game displays his name as "Mega Man?")... Proto Man? Quint? a Doc Robot? Bass? Who knows? Not me.

On a final note, I've been playing Proto Man game in MM9, and it was great fun... up until Wily 4. I'll get it eventually, but let me say: fuck. Proto Man is not for the faint of heart or weak-willed warriors. Ironic that I'm having trouble both playing as and against Proto Man.

I managed to beat my Endless Level score as well... 137, which is pretty terrible considering the 3000+ score on the Wii leaderboard. I'll be satisfied if I can break 1000.


Benjamin Fennell said...

I'm still waiting for an explanation on who the hell Quint was after his one appearance in Mega Man 2 on the Gameboy back in the day. All I know is that his "Quint Item" made the last battle incredibly easy. (Not that it wasn't incredibly easy to begin with.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah i just got done playing the Endless level. my record so far...27. lol i keep dying from spikes...FUCK. and yeah protoman is fun...but jesus double damage?? its fucking hard. although i did beat Galaxy man's stage without getting hit!

Unknown said...

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Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm playing through Zelda on and off this week, showing my daughter some of the NES games I used to play as a teenager all the time.

So far I have the magical sword, and have beaten levels 1-4 and 6 (I skipped 5 for now). She thinks it's pretty cool but prefers Windwaker out of them all, likely because it looks like a great big cartoon.

8bitcity said...
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8bitcity said...

Yikes, Wind Waker? Ha, well I guess it's good if it gets kids into Zelda. Personally, I never really cared for Wind Waker. I loved thee art style, but the game seemed PAINFULLY easy and boring. 3 hours into it and no boss fight, no nothing, just getting whisked away to different places with no opportunity to explore. The game held my hand waay too much, and I just could handle it.

Also, David Wornica is a new affiliate of 8bit City, 8-Bit Memoirs (Huzzah for similar names?) welcome to my link section, David!

Ben: To the best of my knowledge Quint was a re-programmed Mega Man that Dr. Wily got from the future...right? I never played Mega Man 2 on the GB (though I actually own it) extensively, but its great fun.

And Colin, how's your Proto Man game going? I'm stuck at Wily Form 1, such a pain in the ass. Going for the no death-challenge. I've got a save right before the Castle.