Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Review and Download Info

Mega Man 8-Bit Death Match Review: best FPS ever. Done.

Experiencing classic Mega Man levels in 3D invokes nostalgia and awe.

Play for free, online against other players, or progress through a single player campaign mode. MM8BDM is the product of Cutmanmike and other dedicated players who clearly love Doom and Mega Man and mashed the best of both together. is the main page, but the resources are spread across a few pages. They launched a demo last summer, and the game has multiplied geometrically since then.

MM8BDM has all the potential to maintain a great longterm playerbase. This game does not get old quickly, and simple obliterates any $60 game currently on the market.

First, you need to download the main game (v1c). It's 100% free.

Although the game comes with about 80 skins, you should download a few of the more popular ones off of the wiki. Even if you don't use them, other people do, and if you haven't downloaded their skin, then they appear as Mega Man. Put all your skins into a folder "skins" under the MM8BDM directory.

Most people grab squidgy617's awesome sprite pack, he has a link in this topic to download them all at once!

Next, you probably want the I-Pack, by Ivory. It's the most recent blog post at the time of this article.

Finally, the Roboenza and Halloween expansions should get you everything you could need to play on the good online servers.

MM8BDM uses the Skulltag engine, based on Doom 2, so some of the default control setups are unintuitive. You'll absolutely have to customize your controls to use WASD keys, jump, use items, etc.

And the game is packed with all of the stages, bosses, music and items you could want from the NES Mega Man games. The rumor online is A Mega Man 9 expansion pack is in the works. Expansions and updates are released frequently. I'll post any major updates the as soon as I know about them.

I go by the handle Robot, so shout out in-game! Stop reading, start playing!


8bitcity said...

Leave your MM8BDM username here in the comments section so we all know who to kill first ;)

ficarra1002 said...

Im known as 8-BITch
Also, I-Pack is not by squidgy, its by Ivory.

8bitcity said...

Thanks! I changed it, someone must have been messing around with the wiki :P

I'm Robot, though I haven't played in a while. Hopefully I'll have time to play later tonight.

jgjg40 said...

I played this dude, and god, maybe it's just me, but I found it horrible to play >_>

mrjordak said...

GOD DAMMIT, That was me again, it doesn't ask for my Google Account when I post comments, it just picks that account >_<