Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Meat Boy Wii Not Canceled!

UPDATE: Super Meat Boy for the Wii was totally cancelled.

Super Meat Boy is a great DLC game for the XBOX360 and Steam, and the plan was to release if for the Wii as well. However, recently the game was canceled because of file size requirements on Nintendo's WiiWare Service. Developers must make their games 40 megs or smaller because the Wii has the storage capacity of a 10 year-old digital camera.

But Team Meat (the devteam) recently tweeted this:

"the news we hope to have by GDC effects the wii version and pc version of the game"

This probably means that Super Meat Boy will be available as a disc for the Wii, but will Wii gamers be willing to shell out even $30 for a game that costs $10 via XBOX Live and $3.75, recently as a promotion, over Steam? Not me. $15 would be a nice price-point, as long as the manual is sweet as hell.

Now, check out this rad cutout.

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