Monday, February 28, 2011

Atomic Knights Guild

The Official Atomic Knights NESTalgia Guild

Founded February 28, 2011

Shrenwold Server

Current Roster:
Robot, GM

This page can be used to leave message for offline guild members, co-ordinate parties, announce level ups, talk about strategy, ask questions, general social chat, and anything else. As the guild expands, I will expand the page.

Atomic Knights!

Invite friendly and awesome players!

Members, leave a post!


Unknown said...

I actually have a main character (level 30 wizard) from 2 years ago. I had pretty much all the end content equipment then (including casino).

I might join your guild, if my save file is still on that server (might be relocated for the time to help prevent so much lag), but this will be solved soon by the creator I hear. They plan on doing a guild system across servers.

I also emailed the guy about the ban so it was lifted. Nicer guy than he seemed. It was partly my fault for participating in the general dislike of him at the time, so I'm happy to say we patched old feuds up.

I can't say it's official, but I offered to help draw for the game, so you might be seeing some of my work soon. :)

Just a forewarning, I'm not as active as I use to be on games. I usually spend my time programming/drawing.

MushyIsland said...
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MushyIsland said...

Alice here, interesting website you got here. Pretty cool that you make rogue-like games. :P

8bitcity said...

Thanks! and you should definitely join Keizgon. I plan on making a wizard as well after this soldier gets to 32. Very good class.

To make the guild, I had to subscribe, $9 isn't bad. I have access to new classes, but still... I want to play a wizard :P

Brinmat said...

Thanks for adding me. Awesome people in the guild - Brian

8bitcity said...

Epic leveling tonight!

Unknown said...

Yea, I'll join. Most guilds probably would want a more active member than I can really give them.

Also, my level 30 wizard is back in action on Shrenworld! ;)

8bitcity said...

awesome, send a world chat if you're on to the Atomic Knights tonight. I probably won't be able to play but everyone is cool.

mrjordak said...


Nah, but some guy just randomly asked me to join the Balzackia Guild, so I did :P

MushyIsland said...

Holy snap, I just noticed that bruce is in this guild... :0

Richie said...

Is this server still active?