Monday, February 14, 2011

Mega Man 9 Secret Found?

This was a glitch I stumbled upon in Mega Man 9. I used a Black Hole Bomb right as Wily shot his sparks and he got stuck...

I don't think this is the secret, just a glitch, but it's never been revealed so who knows? Personally, I don't think a Mega Man 9 "secret" ever existed. Pretty lame, Capcom.


jgjg40 said...

Haha, I laugh at your puny standard definition TV! XD

But on another note, I really need to finish Mega Man 9. I got to the 3rd part of Wily's Stages and kept failing hard, and gave up. Not looking forward to starting that all over again >_>

mrjordak said...

DAMN, jgjg40 is me, man. It won't lemme log out of this account for some reason >_<