Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sonic 4 Annouced

In the midst of new ASCII game releases, another small software company is returning to its roots. Sega just announced Sonic 4, and it looks similar to the Genesis games with a bit of Sonic Rush polish. Personally I would have preferred 16-bit graphics, but hopefully Sega will do good with this game.

I'd also like to humbly point out that the "retro revival" trend was predicted by myself in 2008 with the release of Mega Man 9. Since then, Nintendo, Konami, Capcom, Sega, and others have released new additions to classic franchises in the classic style.

But if these games are still too advanced, I know a nice ASCII game you could play.


Benjamin Fennell said...

I was pretty thrilled to see this confirmed for WiiWare too, after all the fixation on "HD" in media discussion of the title. Considering that Sonic fans are known for pretty much being clustered on Nintendo platforms and nowhere else at this point, it would have been one of Sega's most embarrassing decisions to date to pass on releasing this on the Wii.

That said, I'm loving the retro revival trend. I still need to go back and push myself to finish Mega Man 9 - I took a pretty brutal defeat by Wily at the endgame back in late '08 and haven't had the guts to try it out since - and I enjoyed the new Adventure Island WiiWare game in the early summer last year. I still need to pick up Castlevania Rebirth and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Bonk revival too.

Also, if you're looking for any more retro-style indie fodder to blog about here, I really recommend checking out the Japanese Mega Man clone, Nezumi Man. I played through it last month and it's a really well done game with a great sense of quirky humor while paying excellent homage to Mega Man. There's a fantastic unlockable in the postgame too, but I won't spoil it.

8bitcity said...

Never did get around to playing this one. Don't have much interest in it now.