Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Minecraft PALADINS commands

There are tons of commands for all the plugins on the Minecraft server. The mini-guide below should help out the new players. If you need more help just post a comment or ask an admin online.

/jobs list ---> lists the jobs and lets you pick your professions. You need some jobs to make money, which you can use to trade with players, make shops, and purchase stuff from /spawn. I recommend Miner and Builder for everyone, and you get 6 jobs in total.

/mcstats -----> see your McMMO stats
/mctop ------> see the McMMO leaderboard
/mctop ------> see the leaderboard for a specific skill
/mcrank ----> see your rankings for all skills

/ ------>  /swords for example will give you skill info on swords and show your exp, exp needed TNL, etc etc

/tpa ----> request to teleport to a player
/tpahere -----> request a player to TP to you

/sethome ---> sets a home point, you can have a few of these
/delhome ----> deletes a home point

/back   ---> returns you to the last place you were

/ms help   -----> guide to using the magic spells plugin

/spawn  ------> takes you back to Spawn City Overworld, the city offers tons of stuff: an enchanting table, curiosities to explore (double-glitched jungle temple, an empty dungeon that myself and another admin built [real version is in the Adventure world]) shops selling monster spawn eggs, Ender chests, and NPC eggs so you can start or improve an NPC village if you'd like. Also portals to all of the worlds; Adventure, Creative, War, Cityworld, etc.

-cauldrons are infinite water sources.

-to lock a chest, place a sign on the front of the chest. You can use /lockette to edit the sign and allow multiple users to access the chest.

I'm sure there's more stuff but I can't think of it at the moment. Anyway hope to see some more people online!


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