Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventure Island 4

Adventure Island: Wonder Boy 4, or something like that. Adventure Island has always had areas similar to Wonder Boy. Without getting into the history too much, Adventure Island 4 was also the last Famicom game to be released in Japan, and a worthy end to a great console.

Adventure Island 4 delivers what you'd expect: and Island of Adventure. It's a basic Metroidvania done right. You have over 15 items and powerups plus 5 Dinosaurs you can use. There are 6 bosses, 7 "areas", and tons of secrets and fruit to be found.

The timer is gone, but Adventure Island 4 still demands significant skill. The player can earn heart containers, but every hit takes away a full heart. 8 pieces of fruit will restore health, and you can hold a couple potions.

I just finished replaying this game, and it's my favorite of the NES Adventure Islands. It's the kind of game you'll want to play over and over.

I took a considerable amount of screenshots on this last playthrough:

It's dark in here.

The torch can light the way.

The second area has some volcanoes, this reminds me of other Adventure Islands AND Wonderboy games.

The blue dino can walk well on ice, and he gives you the snowboard as well.

Found a spear. The spear sucks and you only need it for 1 jump. You don't fight with it. I guess you could...

Underwater passage that reminds me of The Dynastic Hero.

Crazy mechanical spider boss.

Walking with my new umbrella.

The ice block at this spot melts eventually, and you can explore this area.

Swimming is part of island adventuring.

A cool crystal area.

Four dinos rescued, 1 more to go!

Got the Star dinosaur. He's difficult, but fun, to use.

Tina got captured after I rescued the Dinos, better go get her out of the final dungeon.

Finally! The tomahawk/hammer. This motherfucker will be essential during the fight with the Eggplant Demon.

Skateboarding through the final dungeon :D Some difficult jumps like this require you to use it.

Here's the final password! There is still 1 Heart Container to collect, but everything else is good to go. I like a challenge, so it's time to head to the final boss.

The final boss.

I finally win and gtfo with Tina!


Matt Dickinson said...

I was recently playing these games on Gameboy and was surprised at how fun they are. I might like them even more in their simple b&w Gameboy editions.

Anonymous said...

AI4 is the best for sure.

Unknown said...

Its classic. I really love 8bit games. So when I play in my favorit game I use old 8bit skins like