Saturday, June 4, 2011

Phantasy Star II -- Part Two

I'd been assigned to gather some information on the Bio Lab. My commander suspected something was wrong with Mother Brain. A highwayman named Darum, however, was robbing everyone who crossed the bridge and killing most as well. He'd already tried to killed Nei a few months back. After gathering info in the small, dynamited town of Arima, I found a key and some dynamite in Shure dungeon.

I used this key in the next dungeon, Nido tower, and found Darum's daughter, Tiem. She asked to be taken to her father, after we showed her a letter we had found. The letter was ransoming Tiem, and she is horrifying to discover that her father became a murderer because of her. Tiem hides her face with a veil, and tries to tell Darum that killing is wrong, but, instead, he kills her. In a fit of grief, he blows himself up, ending the first story arc in a brutal murder-suicide.

But Rolf and co. press on to another town, Onita, and, finally, the BioLabs themselves. The experience and money is fantastic, and I'm able to buy several ceramic knives, good armor, and have decent gear for the dungeon. Unfortunately, Amy dies about halfway in, and I decide to press on. I almost make it to the recorder, but then Rudo dies as well and I have no choice but to warp back to town and try again -- this time I succeed and head back to Paseo!

My commander's suspicions are confirmed: Mother Brain fucked up, but currently HQ's best theory is that someone tampered with the programming, which sounds pretty reasonable. They've got some graphs to back this shit up too. My boss gives me a key, and I'm free to explore a lot of the world.

I traveled to two new towns, but not much happened. That means 2 new party members. However, I'm enjoying my current party, and think I'll stick with it. In part three I'll detail the next 2-3 dungeons and describe the two new towns, the garbage heap, and the developing story of Phantasy Star II.


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Matt Dickinson said...

This was a hard game. I played it last summer, I think. The dungeons were very hard for me to remember and I was using pen and paper to write down the directions I went, writing out arrows separated by commas to kind of mark out which paths I took, then scratching them out when it turned out I'd gone the wrong way. Probably would have saved time just to draw maps, but I got through it.

Love the music in it, too. Used to have a page up for Tokuhiko Uwabo on Wikipedia, but they took it down because I did not source it properly, or something. They still have up my "stub" for Glenn Stafford, though!

Frankenfaust said...

I played this years ago, when you get deeper deeper into the game, new areas require extensive battles to raise experience. Strangely, this makes everything achieved seem more valuable. The dungeons are huge and there are many. The graphics for the new power spells and new weapons are impressive. The story takes twist and turns, dramatic stuff.