Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nintendo switches downloads to Thursday, starts it off with a retro bang

Nintendo recently switched their download day from Monday to Thursday. Why? I have no idea and to be quite honest I don't really care. Lately Nintendo has been updating the VC every OTHER week (as opposed to the previous weekly updates) when they aren't busy releasing ancient tablet something-somethings.

Still, the downloads today are impressive enough for me to post about them.

First up is the Game Boy Donkey Kong for the 3DS, so finally owners of said system have something to play.

Next, Mega Man 5 hit the store today as well. Mega Man 5 is, without hesitation, my least favorite NES Mega Man. That's not an insult to Mega Man 5, that's just life.

Finally, BIT.TRIP FLUX, the final chapter in the epic BIT.TRIP saga; this WiiWare title is clearly the highlight of this week. The BIT.TRIP series is known for atari and 8-Bit aesthetics and making each entry in the series a totally different genre.

Thus far, BIT.TRIP Runner (the platformer), has proven to be an epic, instant classic. I've also played BEAT and VOID, and other entries, FATE and CORE, also exist (all together 6 games). The first entry, BIT.TRIP Beat, launched soon after I moved to New Orleans, and it's nice and symmetrical that the last part of this launched right before I move away.

Flux combines the gameplay from all other games, and hopefully finishes Commander Beat's story well. It's been nice watching all the BIT.TRIP game release, playing the ones that interested me (I just haven't had time for FATE), and watching critics appreciate and recognize good, innovative games.

BIT.TRIP probably did more for the Wii than people realize.

The entire saga is set to be released as a 3DS cart. Individual entries can also be purchased on Steam.

Start with Runner; it deserves a place in the plat-former hall of fame (as well as being the only music-based platformer I've ever played).

Commander Video's story is at an end, and with it: the Wii.


mrjordak said...

Bit.Trip.Runner is awesome, I got it off Steam a little while back, well worth my money.

The Bit.Trip series reminds me of PixelJunk, a downloadable series for PS3, but every game in the series is completely different.

There's PixelJunk Racer (like a Scalextric racing game), PixelJunk Monsters (a Tower Defense game), PixelJunk Eden (hard to explain, YouTube it) and PixelJunk Shooter (classic spaceship shooter game with a twist). There's also a sequel to Shooter, and Racer had an update to make it better and became Racer: 2nd Lap.

Seriously, if you ever get a PS3, check those games out. You'd love them.

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