Friday, June 17, 2011, Web-based NES Emulator

For years, online emulators have been slow and sketchy, at best. is the best one I've found--and it's great!

Click the letter of the game you want to play, click your game, and your good to go. Now you can seriously waste time at work--and people complained about password save systems! You could transfer your Willow, Metroid, River City Ransom, or Faxanadu game from your office station to you home setup, etc!

Like 8bitcity, VirtualNES is run with no ads and not-for-profit. Play almost all the NES games online, check out VirtualNES!


Matt Dickinson said...

"Unlike our competitors, is able to provide you classic NES games legally. We can only provide you with classic NES games that we have an original cartridge of, which have either been bought out of pocket or donated by Players Like You™. If we don't have the games in our possession, we can't have them online."

LOL! That isn't legal!

Garrett Lee Fager said...
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Garrett Lee Fager said...

My SiteIs mainly about emulators. I know where to get them and how to make them function and all, but I don't get the whole legal process either.

Benaam said...

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