Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitfall Map & Solution

This map will let you beat Pitfall! with enough practice. I still requires lots of tricky Scorpion jumps (18 of them) and about 19 minutes of running. Getting all 32 treasures in Pitfall has always been one of my Holy Grails of gaming, and I hope I can accomplish this goal very, very soon.

Back in the day they expected you to map the game out yourself. I love mapping games out, but I'd already looked at this map years ago and remembered some things about it, so a personal mapping seemed insincere. I doubt anyone playing after 1998 mapped the game out on his or her own.


Chalgyr said...

*that* is very cool - but then, Pitfall was a favorite Atari game of mine. My grandpa had an Atari when I was really young, and while he had a few different games for it, this was always my favorite when I would come over to visit.

8bitcity said...

Yea it was always my favorite for Atari as well. My friend had it, and a bucket of games, but this was the best. It was the only game that seemed like an NES game.

I still remember thinking Super Mario Bros. was sooooo much better... which is not a view to which I still subscribe.