Friday, June 10, 2011

Super Castlevania IV Nintendo Power Scans

Scans from the January 1992 Nintendo Power covering Super Castlevania IV. I still love the layouts and the artwork they worked into their magazine spreads.

Super Castlevania IV is the shit, what more can I say? It's got the smoothest whip action in any 2-D Castlevania, a ridiculous amount of levels, great difficulty curve, amazing music, and if you haven't played it you should probably do so immediately. Don't even read the last paragraph, you could be playing Super Castlevania IV.

Anyway, enjoy the gallery! Click the images for the full size.


Matthew St. Cyr said...

Ah, now this brings back some memories! Super Castlevania IV is still my all time favorite Castevania game.....the Metroidvania games are okay.... but THIS is what Castlevania was all about!

8bitcity said...

Hell yea! I'm playing this on the VC now. I really enjoy the Wii savestate and classic controller for this game!

I love the metroidvanias, but the classic ones you can pick up and play and,generally, are more challenging.

You can always just level up some more in them.

The only thing you can do in Super Castlevania is fucking die.

Matthew St. Cyr said...

That's what I love about the classic Castlevania's do or die.....there's no grinding to get stronger so you can beat the baddies. You either whip their asses or die trying. Super Castlevania was REALLY difficult.....I spent WEEKS working my way through. I started to play through again on

Matt Dickinson said...

It does indeed have a good "atmosphere" to it (an overused word, but definitely one you can use to describe this game).

Definitely a game where the password system was a must. In fact, it makes it kind of easy...

(One question I've always wanted to ask Castlevania fans, though: why is it so important that Drac is killed? Is he out ravaging the countryside or something? he seems to stay locked up in his magical castle).

(Also he makes you immortal! That's always a plus in my book). :)