Monday, September 9, 2013

Final Fantasy's Coneria Town Recreated in 3D

Coneria is the very first town in Final Fantasy. It's a peaceful place, known as "the dream city." Using Minecraft I've recreated the entire place, perfectly to scale. This is what the Warriors of Light would have seen at the start of their epic journey, and now you can experience it in three dimensions.

Hopefully I can get a video walkthrough of the town up soon, but until then you are welcome to log in to my Minecraft server and check it out for yourself ( You'll have to message me (Robot) and I might not be online, but I can be pretty flexible if you're a fan of Final Fantasy and want to experience the town in first person tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll set up a warp point on the server so anyone will be able to "/warp corneria" without my assistance.

I've used a 3:1 scale for the town, which works excellently. Every tile in the NES map has been translated into a 3x3 cube. This was a blast to create; I hope you enjoy!


Matthew St. Cyr said...

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The warp is active now, so anyone can log into the server and check it out (/warp coneria)


Del_Duio said...

I don't know too much about Minecraft, but I do know a lot about FF1 and this is awesome. Good job!

8bitcity said...

Thanks! Maybe Ultima 3 needs a 3d remake?

I made level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. I'll post that soon, you can still check it out on my Minecraft server.

Del_Duio said...

Yeah man, Exodus would be great to see. Instantly recognizable for anybody else who's put 100 hours into that one growing up.

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