Monday, February 2, 2009

Dr. Zilog, Malevolent Necropolis

I've been listening to the latest cd by Dr. Zilog, Malevolent Necropolis. It's free to download on his myspace blog. It's a death medal odyssey using 8-bit sounds and common 8-Bit video game themes with at least one Sealab 2021 reference and plenty of 8-bit thrashing. 12 tracks, 32:42 hours and minutes long. I'm not a music critic but I know rhetorical devices, humor, sarcasm, and good video game music, though, in this case, curiously without the video game. Likely too intense for any games we play unlike the demonically-programmed arcade deathfest this album would demand.


samiorigami said...

i've tried 3 times to go to listen to this but every time my computer freezes up


8bitcity said...

Yes, Dr. Zilog, MySpace for the fail. Might I suggest some other webhosting service? My musician friend assures me that MySpace is a necessity in today's music culture, especially electronica, but there has to be something better and less annoying.

Youtube! It must be done!

Benjamin Fennell said...

I just recently got an account over at and that definitely seems like a good place for musicians to get more exposure these days too.

P13T3Rm said...

sorry for the myspace freezing guys, it should work fine don't know whats going on.


anyways you can listen to and download my whole catalogue for free on

Anonymous said...

My musician friend assures me that MySpace is a necessity in today's music culture

I'll tell ya, I wish we had it back in the early to mid 90's when I was playing in bands. Back then you had to take demo tapes of your stuff to different clubs basically door to door and hope for the best. Although at the end we got wise and had someone w/ a trapper keeper start taking names for a mailing list at / during the shows haha.

Yeah, you kids are lucky is what I mean to say :p

Anonymous said...

An update! Huzzah! I'm gonna burn this cd and listen to it while i smoke crack and shoot meth when driving 11 hours to new orleans next week for mardi gras. i i won't do that.