Monday, April 20, 2009

Epic Mega Man 9 Medly and Mega Man 9 Hacked

I found a few cool Mega Man 9 videos on youtube. The first is an epic Mega Man 9 medley on an electric guitar and keyboard, pretty well produced, with some nice gameplay footage spliced in. Definitely worth a watch.

Epic Mega Man 9 Medly

The second video is hacked Mega Man 9, this just happened yesterday, and the hacker, TRACE, has claimed the top spot with 99999 screens. Note, he did not achieve this score, obviously, but hacking Mega Man 9 is cool nonetheless. I feel bad for the guy that was in number 10 (I believe his name was Chris).

TRACE Hacking Mega Man 9

And the third video is another Mega Man 9 hack, this time using Proto Man in Mega Man mode, allowing you to use Proto Man in the shop. Enjoy.

Proto Man Goes Shopping

Saving the best for last is a song based on Mega Man 2, using the music but rapping over it. It's made by Dwayne and Brando. This is the funniest shit related to Mega Man 2 I've ever seen, and if you only watch one video it should probably be this one.

Mega Man 2 Rap

The same guys made another video in the same style, about Final Fantasy. Just as funny, check it out! They've even more videos than these, enjoy.

Final Fantasy Rap


samiorigami said...

Love the FF1 rap, and the megaman medley. that guy's talented!

Colin said...

I'm Air man bitch and i'm bringing the pain!. damn that was awesome. thanks for the links bro.

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