Friday, May 8, 2009

Adventure 2600 Reboot

SlashX just released, earlier this week, Adventure 2600 ReBoot. The project team, composed of Slashx who did the coding, overworld art, and some animation, Khavall who wrote and recorded the Music, Delphinus who created each area's Ambient audio, and Halkun who "provided a great deal of insight from the original as well as Sprites and Collision Masks."

The result is amazing, and I encourage fans of Adventure and those who've never before traveled the hyperspace Kingdom to download the game immediately. Adventure was one of those classic that could never have received a proper remake save independently of fans. Under corporate guidance, the result couldn't possibly have resulted in other than a fantasy-themed clusterfuck of cutscenes and adolescent fantasy empowerment.

The feel of Adventure is perfectly recreated, the world just has a little more imagination peppered into it. The music, in particular, is fantastic and sets the mood perfectly. Strange, ponderous, fantastic.

The package currently up for download is version 1.0 and includes some extras, like alternate quests and a suspiciously named "D.Mode" which could mean Dragon Mode or Debug mode...

So go forth brave adventurer and explore the glory of ADVENTURE in 16 glorious bits of glory. Go, go Download Adventure 2600 Reboot!

For this history of the game Adventure 2600, see "The 2600 Adventure of Zelda," also there is plenty of info on SlashX's site.


Del_Duio said...


One of my favorite games growing up, I'll check this out thanks!

Del_Duio said...

Argh, I don't know what it is but I really didn't like this afterall. Maybe some things shouldn't be updated :(

I give the guy kudos for accomplishing the feat though. The programming for the bridge in particular must've been a big pain in the ass.