Friday, May 8, 2009

Contra ReBirth Screenshots

Hell yes, Contra ReBirth (for the Wii) was announced recently. Following the release of Gradius ReBirth (which I've been meaning to review... so why wait? Great Game! Buy it!) and the prospective release of Life Force ReBirth it's no surprise Konami would keep the gravy train running.

What's surprising is that the screenshots went up yesterday... but I've received reports of the game launching next week in Japan.

It's nice to see so many old-school games still being released with old-school mechanics in tact. Slowly, but surely, we are leaving the land of cut-scenes.

If you read Japanese you can visit the Japanese website. I've uploaded all of the screenshots here. I'll keep you posted on Contra ReBirth news, as per usual with 8-Bit revivals.

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