Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kabuki Quantum Fighter NES Cheats & Game Genie Codes

They really packed the codes into Kabuki Quantum Fighter... Nintendo Power featured it in Classified Information, but missed quite a few secrets.

Chip-Life Exchange::
During Boss Fights, you can pause and press UP or DOWN to exchange chips for life or life for chips. 1 Life = 2 Chips. Very, very useful :D

Level Select::
This code is used as a "basecode" for other codes.
At the title screen, press on Controller #2:
A 8 times
B 4 times
right 16 times
Then, start the game: when the "Round 1 Start" message appears, press up or down on Controller #1 to select a stage.

Alter Chips::
After activating the Level Select Code (see above), On Controller #2, press Up and Down to add or remove chips!

Level Win::
After using level select, the A button can be pressed on the second controller in game to automatically clear the stage.

Sound Test::
Complete the game. After the credits, press B and a option for the sound test will appear.

Game Genie Codes::

AAVGKYPA number of lives does not decrease from energy loss
AASSAAPA number of lives does not decrease from time up
AENLSLZA start with one life
IENLSLZA start with six lives
AENLSLZE start with nine lives
PENUXLZA one continue
IENUXLZA six continues
AENUXLZE nine continues
SXEUAESU infinite chip power
NYXIZEYU slow the timer
YZXIZEYU speed up the timer
SXEUAESU + AOEUPEYA special weapons use minimum chip power
SXEUAESU + AOEUPEYA maximum energy

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