Friday, August 9, 2013

Small RPG Minecraft Server PALADINS, McMMO, Jobs, Epic Bosses, Dungeons, Adventures, and Quests.

Come play minecraft on the Paladin's server! Our goal is basically to make the best fantasy/scifi Minecraft mmo-style server. It's been an adventure so far dealing with the ups and downs of server maintenance, but really its been a blast so far. We've been online for 7 months and had only a few thousand players, so generally its a smaller environment than some of the huge servers.

If you want to come play you can log in at It's free to play and we can host up to 20 people at a time. We run McMMO at 20x exp, Jobs, and about every plugin we can to make it a fully-functional rpg world. Recently we added Large Biomes as well, Superflat, as well as a pvp+griefing world called "WAR." The other worlds, however, don't allow griefing and only friendly pvp (duels) are allowed. Stealing outside of war is against the rules, but other that than you'll have free reign to level up and gain perks.

You can build, farm, etc etc. You'll find you have few restrictions and lots of perks. You can buy summon eggs in town for cheap, for example. Our goal is to let everyone have access to some of the hidden "developer" features of Minecraft while still balancing the features with the economy plugin.

Eventually you will even earn the /fly command, when you become a full PALADIN. We don't accept money or any sort of pay-to-win perks or anything like that. Everyone can earn the ability to fly, as well as control the weather and time of day.

Some snapshot dungeon profiles:

Killbot Factory
/warp factory
-Fight Killbots and Engineers
-Destroy the infernal machine, EXODUS
-use the EMP to destroy the swarms of summoned robots!

Ice Palace
/warp ice
-Fight the epic Necromancers in their Ice Palace
-Also fight merchants, who can summon pre-packaged auto-assembling Killbots, and deadly Hork Zombies

The Morgue
/warp ice
-walk past the Ice Palace to find the dark and deadly Morgue
-combat deadly undead: Death Knights, Nazgul, Horks, Zombie Kings, and the total badass boss, BigPiggy.

/warp camelot
-Arthur's Corrupt Court of Death
-Destroy Merlin, Lancelot, dozens of Knights and the Psychos in the basement
-Take all the loot and sell it in town!

Crystal Lake
somewhere around the Ice Palace is the frozen Camp Blood of Crystal Lake
-Kill Jason and other Psychos
-Take their deadly swords and kill other bosses

Charlock Castle
/warp fight
-Fight in a derelict city
-Warlocks, Ogres, Astaroth, Spider Queens and more haunt this place
-fight a huge variety of bosses at once!

Vampire Tower
/warp tower
-Climb to the top of the deadly spire and learn the secrets of the Necromancers
-Put an end to the Dark Magic of the realm
-Kill the deadly trio of Merchants, Warlocks, and Necromancers at their arcane tower
-gamble with your life in hidden rooms

The Casino
/warp casino
-Gamble with your life in hopes of finding treasure!
-Slots spit out treasure or monsters
-1/9 chance of spawning a Knight, Hork or something similar

Ok well that's a lot for now, come check it out if you have Minecraft. I'll post the Shops guide later. Mention this post on the server and get 10 free diamonds!


Unknown said...

um i was wondering if u could restart the server im eeyore_2417 but it keeps on saying internal exception something so i looked it up and the only way i am able to join now is if the server is restarted please reply or message me my gmail is

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