Monday, June 29, 2015

Mandelbrot Set HD Wallpaper Gallery

These are some images of the Mandelbrot set I generated this weekend using Fractal Explorer. Although it's a great program, it relies on double math and so can only achieve precision in zooms of about 10^15, which is really terrible to be quite honest.

If anyone knows of some better software it would really help me out; I'm looking to break the 10^200 zoom barrier in Mandelbrot zooming.

Here is the gallery, hope you like it:


Jerom said...

I'm not sure but I think this guy use a better software (his own program):

Robot2600 said...

Looks like a solid program, but you have to compile it in c yourself. I might look into it, but I read on the site that the program is forever stuck in "squareroot" mode; a good program should be able to switch palettes and control the quadratic noise reduction (Fractal Explorer, what I used, has options for source, root, log, log2, and log3, for example.)

It would be nice if they would just let the user decide the palettes and stuff; it seems every program is missing something.

I'll look into the source for that program though, maybe it's easy enough to change it to log3 and stuff.

Robot2600 said...

Yea it's extremely easy to change it, just need to compile now.

Robot2600 said...
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Robot2600 said...

I hate Linux people sometimes. I go to download the dude's program, all good except he uses the gmp.h library. Okay, so I go to get THAT. It is zipped it with "lzip." I go to download lzip, the "download" link is a directory of 200 files. The readme makes it clear that I have to type console commands to uncompress files using lzip as well, but does not offer any instructions on getting anything to work.

Why the hell do these guys care about compression so much on files that are smaller than a long forum post? I'm at a dead end, no idea how to get the gmp.h library into my dev c++ folder; I refuse to deal with Lzip and no one thought to maybe upload a zip or 7z or w/e else. Why even bother uploading it at all if you are that concerned.

Jerom said...

Did you tried Fraqtive? It seems pretty great (and easier to install).