Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cave Story Wii Ware Screen Shots

New screens were posted to Go Nintendo, Kotaku, and, as expected the official Cave Story Wii blog. If you haven't been keeping up with development, the game is actually set to launch THIS YEAR, if all the bugs get worked out and whatnot. I suspect (hope?) that they will take their time, and not release the game until it's ready. Like Miyamoto said: a delayed game is good eventually, but a rushed game is bad forever. Above you can see the comparison of Quote, old and new. Below, are two screenshots from Cave Story, running on a Wii. You have the option to play with the old or new graphics... and for a while I was determined to stick it out and play the game with all of the original graphics/artwork... but damn, does the new artwork look good. Could Pixel defy logic and prove that more pixels == better? Yes, probably.

If you are a fan of Cave Story (if you aren't, I highly recommend you visit the official site, Tyrone R. (the producer for Cave Story Wii) and Pixel have been posting fanservice (not THAT kind) for weeks. You can check out other updated characters, enemies, Pixel's sketches, etc. etc. to etc.

Q: How many pixels does it take to upgrade Cave Story graphics?
A: Just one.

Help for the simple-folk: Double-click pictars make them bigger.


samiorigami said...

I kind of like the old graphics more.
maybe i'm a freak.
but i AM really excited that wii ware picked up such a great game.

Anonymous said...

Naw, you're not a freak, the old graphics are better for a game like this.

It's not like the new graphics are bad- they look more like the cutscene portraits actually- they're just different. And best of all you can really tell Pixel drew them himself. To the legions of Wii owners who will play this new version for the first time it won't make a lick of difference anyhow.

Kiara said...

I like better graphics and resolutions when it comes to Download Games. Yeah, I am not a fun of this game, but try to visit the site, and better make a comparison. :)