Monday, November 23, 2009

Pixel Art: Skeleton Monsters

A boss and 2 types of minions. These aren't for a game, but maybe I'll use them one day.


Del_Duio said...

Looks good!

Hey who's the girl on your banner? Is that the girl from the original Phantasy Star for the SMS?

8bitcity said...


She's from one of the PC-Engine Golden Axe cutscenes. I guess it's supposed to be Tyris Flare.

ODW looks fucking sweet. Diablo 2 is one of my favorite games!

Del Duio said...

Tyris Flare! Yeah that makes loads more sense. I think the girl from Phantasy Star was half robot with antennae and all that. O_O

Thanks for checking out ODW but- and I can't stress this enough- it's a VERY SIMPLIFIED style of Diablo. It's much more of an action game where the mods are sort of secondary. For example although you have your antiques it's not like they change up your starting weapons or you have a real inventory and etc. Aside from that yeah you have your 3 different "classes" I guess and some different moves and lots of bad guys to kill. I'm trying to get as much done on it as I can as soon as I can while I'm still in the "Wow I want to make this!" phase. This is usually followed by the "What the hell am I doing with this!?" phase where I stop all progress for weeks on it.

I was just doing a bit of reseach on the Civil War and I think I might incorporate more of that kind of stuff into ODW than I originally intended to. The biggest draw for D2 as far as I'm concerned are all the different items and mod combinations and stuff like that. ODW isn't really like that but it does have limited randomization as far as what the shop can sell. Almost all the antiques are stat boosters with 8 or so dedicated to other purposes like explosion damage ehancement and very recently a slow HP regenerator.

Unknown said...

Hey, what program do you use to make these 8-bit characters?