Friday, December 11, 2009


Yes, you heard right. Mega. Man. 10. Fuck yes! Capcom is set to release 10 in March of next year, so 8bitcity will continue coverage of any news on the game.

There isn't too much info right now, but here is a scan of the Nintendo Power article:

Two robot masters have been announced: Sheep Man and Commando Man. The article shows an ice level. In addition, the article mentions that Proto Man and Mega Man will be playable characters along with a yet unnamed hero (probably Bass).

Judging from the official artwork, I think it's safe to say that Proto Man will play a bigger role in this game, possibly possessing a regular quest and achievements like Mega Man. A little more support for Proto Man would be nice-- it's frustrating to have the character in 9, yet the game doesn't let you play as Proto on the higher difficulties or Endless level.

If I weren't too exhausted I'd write more, but there isn't too much news on Mega Man 10 now. Capcom should be releasing a trailer in the next few months, so these are truly exciting times. Good job, Capcom, for releasing Mega Man 10 before the fangame was completed!

Here is an in-depth article on Commando Man but it's not the best.

In other, more depressing news, it appears that Cave Story for the Wii may be dangerously close to becoming vaporware. The word on the internet is that Nicalis submitted the game to Nintendo twice, only to have it rejected both times. If you remember correctly, Cave Story was supposed to be released about a year ago... hopefully Cave Story gets released early next year as well, and 2010 will be remembered as another great year for 8-bit gaming!


There are way too many similarities for that to be a coincidence. Capcom does a great job of changing the original Star War poster to fit the crazy early Mega Man box art style. But compare the pictures: Death Star changed to Dragon. Tie Fighters changed to planes, Darth Vader changed to both Mega Man and Proto Man. The Composition of Mega Man and Proto Man are similar to Darth and the Death Star. Proto Man's scarf cape is flowing cloth like Leia's dress. Mega Man's beam matches Luke's beam. Leia has a gun, and Mega Man is also holding a similar gun. Mega Man is standing on a platform in the foreground similar to the rocks that Luke and Leia are on. Both drawings have a similar city in the background. Both have two robots in the "middle ground." Obvious Star Wars pastiche is obvious.


Anonymous said...

this is great, I'm glad capcom decided to keep the retro style and not fuck up the series. Mega Man 9 was awesome and 10 looks promising!

Aripug said...

Great news!!!!!!