Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your World of Text: The Building Art Project proves to be an interesting experiment in human nature. The infinite possibilities of the space provided in ywot waste away to deleters, spambots, idiots. This, of course, is to be expected. Before I grew bored with the site, however, I launched a brief experiment of my own within Your World of Text. I call this experiment, "The Building Art Project."

The goal was simple: to create a fast, easy-to-build building that could be replicated by other users to create lots of buildings throughout the main page. To an extent, I was successful. I created several cities on the main page, hundreds of "clicks" away from 0,0. Some of the cities might remain, others have been destroyed. You can view the /worldmap I created to keep track of these both my cities and cities built by other users.

The problem, however, is that building ascii towns and buildings is boring as fuck. There just isn't anything to do with all of the infinite grid space in ywot. The Art Project, however, consists of a series of screenshots of buildings in yourworldoftext. All of these structures have long since been destroyed, and I leave you with these unusual pictures. I only built the buildings.

The attempt at creating order in a sea of chaos failed. Human nature proved to entropic for the powers of art.

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