Friday, July 8, 2011

Play Kaboom Online and Kaboom Atari 2600 Box Scans

I found this really good port of Kaboom! today and I've been playing for the last 30 minutes :D

The Atari 2600 has some awesome paddle games, and Kaboom is one of the best. The concept is so simple, catch the bombs before the hit the ground and explode, but the challenge and fun are top-notch.

This was another masterpiece by Activision, and it would spawn countless other Arcade and TI-83 clones.

Freewebarcade has a really nice Kaboom flash game, and this makes me want to search for an Atari 2600 Web-based emulator. In any event, you can bide the time until then saving the city from the crazy person in Kaboom!

It might seem primitive, but anything that was actually fun to play in 1981 was a great game. Kaboom! truly stands the test of time, like dozens of other Atari 2600 masterpieces.

This port is flawless and uses the mouse very well. Check out the box scans on 8-Bit City before you get a high score! The servers are down (this game was ported in 2002), but I just scored a 775. The challenge increases quickly to truly test your reflexes and skill.

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