Monday, July 4, 2011

River City Ransom Nintendo Power Scans

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with some good old fashion ass kicking? These date way back from Issue 10 of Nintendo Power (January, 1990). The drawing of Simon Slick at the end is pretty cool. I was missing this issue for some reason and had to download the .pdf. I would have loved to have it as a kid, maybe then I would have played River City Ransom earlier.

This Nintendo Power spread is surprisingly badass, and covers the entire game!

Final Fight is great, and nothing fucks with River City Ransom except River City Ransom EX on the GBA.

Part of the Kunio-Kun series (Translates to "Ryan the Dude"; don't argue with my translation), River City Ransom had a few fun sequels: Samurai Warriors on the NES, and River City Ransom 2 and 3 for the SNES. River City Ransom 2 and 3 have different names, but both games are pretty cool and have been fan translated.

I parody'd the shit out of River City Ransom in my 2011 underrated classic, Fight Town.

You can also buy this gem for $5.00 on the VC. Thanks Technos and Nintendo :D

Celebrate the 4th by teaming up with a friend and kicking the shit out of every gang in River City.

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Ty said...

Great scans for a classic NES game!