Friday, April 6, 2012

NEStalgia Ether Egg Hunt Solution

Here are the locations of several Ether Eggs. The chart comes in two formats: easy to read, and easy to paste into the game. Enjoy!

ARDAN - (House with stairs).
VERITY - (Middle of Trees).
PIATTA - (Center of Town)
BEDOE - (Hidden Room north of West Stairs).
VEZU - (Secret Room, by Mt. Goggles)
COLO - (Secret Room, path to crypt
BALZAK - (Top Middle Cell)
F.MAZE - (Secret Shop)
ENNAR - (Western Secret Path by Lovers)
B.CAVE - (Regnor's Room)
NANUK - (On the Ice, SW Town)

(1) ARDAN: House with stairs. (2) VERITY: Middle of Trees. (3) PIATTA: Center of Town. (4) BEDOE: Hidden Room north of West Stairs. (5) VEZU: Secret Room, by Mt. Goggles. (6) COLOSSEUM: Secret Room, path to crypt. (7) BALZAKIA: Top Middle Cell. (8) FOREST MAZE: Secret Shop. (9) ENNAR: Western Secret Path by Lovers. (10) BANDIT CAVE: Regnor's Room. (11) NANUK: On the Ice, SW Town.

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