Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sword of Zonguldrok, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

I was shocked when this awesome artifact weapon dropped in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It's a +9/+9 double sword named The Sword of Zonguldrok, and when I kill enemies they are raised as mindless zombies under my control. Even if you don't play Crawl, you probably understand how much fun a sword like this can be.

 I've been playing a lot of roguelikes recently, and I discovered and beat a new one a few days ago. I know posts have been slow, but March and April have traditionally been hectic times for me as I struggle to maintain sanity during graduate school. You've waited this long, you can wait until the weekend to find out all about this new, web-based java roguelike called The Caverns of Underkeep. If you've ever played a Roguelike, you know what's up with this game. If not, you can probably figure it out easy enough. See? You got an awesome link as a reward for reading this post! How cool!

 I'll be posting massive screenshots of The Caverns of Underkeep, as well as some tips to help everyone beat the game, on Saturday, so check back! I probably won't have time to update tomorrow, but you never know... OK, one last screenshot of the epic zombie sword:

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Matthew St. Cyr said...

Nice! Good to hear from ya brutha!