Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Song of the Week: GTA Vice City - Push It to the Limit

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  is pretty much Scarface + GTA, and the inclusion of so many songs from Scarface added that glitzy 1980s sheen that makes this game one of the best ever made (and my personal favorite Grand Theft Auto). I just purchased GTA4 for PC, and although I didn't have time to play it yet I'm looking forward to finally playing the latest major installment in the series.

That said, I'd rather be down south in a speedboat than romping around Liberty City anyday. Scarface is awesome, Vice City is awesome, and Paul Eggelman's "Push It to the Limit" is double awesome.

Check out this awesome Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tribute by some "gangsta." It features Push It to the Limit, the greatest song from the 1980s.


JE funhouse said...

The song is incredibly cool, however, I will admit to thinking it was possibly a song created for the game when I first heard it.

I was quite shocked years later when I heard it in Scarface (I played Vice City quite a while before watching Scarface).

8bitcity said...

The song was made for the movie, I believe. :D

Its official title is "Scarface (Push It to the Limit)"

Crazy GTA Player said...

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