Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3: An Homage to Diablo 2

Diablo 3 launched today. Hell yes. My copy is currently being shipped, so expect a full review after I've had time to dig into it. From what I can tell, the online servers are currently overloaded, but I can't really confirm that.

I play the fuck out of Diablo 2. For over a decade it has remained one of my absolute favorite games. It's truly a masterpiece, and I hope the sequel can match the greatness of Bearsorcs, Hammerdins, and WW Barbs.

Here's to all those night spent spamming the trade channels in search of a Breath of the Dying and an Enigma.

Let us remember the surprise at the addition of even more runewords and patches which have kept the game alive.

I hope they never take down the Diablo 2 servers. I'll have fun playing Diablo 3, but I know deep down I'll want to come back to the Blood Moor and desert, the rainforest, hell, and the barbarian highlands.

Playing a necromancer is never as fun as it is in Diablo 2. With my vast army of skeleton warriors, mages, and a golem I felt invincible. Diablo 2 was one of the first games I ever played online, and I'll always remember that first day online in which I teamed up with other adventures and explored a randomly-generated landscape in search of treasure, battle, and glory.


Chalgyr said...

I actually missed out on D2. I played the first Diablo through several times, and out of the 9 people in our department here at work, 6 of us plan to play it (4 already have it, 1 other and myself are waiting until next week after we get paid).

The four who are already playing have mentioned the server backups and how difficult it can be to get in, but have had nothing but glowing things to say about it so far.

Anonymous said...

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